Aliyah Return Center – Helping Jewish Immigrants in Israel


Here we daily fulfill the word:

Actual prophecies-Actual fulfillment, Actual adventure.

There’s nothing more important than knowing your purpose in this world, of this I am sure.

A Bit of my story

On a dark night some 20 years ago when I left my home country and made my Aliyah (Immigration to Israel) with my family of eight souls, holding tightly to some ancient prophecies, I didn’t realize that I would become part of a physical global “Kingdom team building exercise” to awaken the full destiny of the church, and a revival with no rival.

I Chaim Malespin, after my Aliyah, quickly came to realize firsthand that the hard part for the millions of Jewish people who have relocated to the “Land of Promise”, he’s not getting on a plane, it is what is called absorption, for which you need to be a pioneer with determination!

I was unexpectedly intrigued, when I read Isaiah 49:22 and felt the loving embrace of the creator of the universe, raising a banner to the nations of the earth to help carry the Jewish people here in their arms and on their shoulders.

It was then that it registered, that we are middle of a global divine masterpiece, in which we can play a role or flee from destiny.

“The Ones Who Fall Between the Cracks”

Being a new immigrant in Israel has its challenges. Arriving in Israel is just the first step; what lies beyond that can be the most fundamental moments of absorption into a new land.

Making Aliyah is complex, and sadly even a staggering 50% of immigrants leave Israel due to various hardships, if only they knew that God does one thing with all his h