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Provide Housing, Charity Programs, and a Community Hub for Jewish immigrants and soldiers

Welcome to the Lighthouse Project

A Beacon of Hope and Transformation

Nestled in the heart of the Galilee of the Nations, the Lighthouse stands as a symbol of hope, support, and community. Our multifaceted headquarters is more than just a building; it’s a vibrant hub where lives are transformed and dreams are nurtured. From providing essential housing to lone soldiers and new immigrants making Aliyah, offering community spaces like a coffee shop, BBQ area, and the Galilean Interactive Museum, the Lighthouse is dedicated to shining a light on those in need.

With every floor, we offer a new opportunity for growth, support, and safety. Our comprehensive facilities include private accommodations, communal living spaces, and state-of-the-art amenities designed to foster a sense of belonging and community. But our vision extends beyond bricks and mortar. Inspired by the powerful words of Isaiah 9:2, we are committed to being a source of light and hope to those who have walked in darkness.

The journey of the Lighthouse is ongoing, and every contribution helps us illuminate more lives. Join us in this remarkable endeavor—your support not only lights up the Lighthouse but also brightens the future of countless individuals and the community at large. Together, we can be a beacon of hope in the Galilee of the Nations.

Be a part of this luminous journey. Illuminate. Transform. Inspire. Support the Lighthouse Project today.

A Beacon of Hope and Transformation​

Provide a refuge for Jewish immigrants and soldiers

The Lighthouse multifaceted headquarters building is to be a remarkable facility that will serve multiple purposes, including providing housing units and supporting various charity programs. 


Each Floor Strategically Designed to Provide Community, Purpose, Basic Necessities, and a Sense of Destiny—Supporting Holistic Recovery for Those in Need

Provide Community Integration

By donating today, you can aid in creating our bustling first floor, equipped with a spacious double-room warehouse, a charming coffee shop, and conveniently positioned practical amenities like washing machines and dryers.

Your generosity helps to construct a welcoming, functional space that will serve as the backbone of our everyday operations!
Floor 1

Secure Basic Needs

The second floor, a haven of warmth and comfort. This floor will present an array of welcoming housing options for immigrants, including private sanctuaries for lone soldiers and separate-gender dormitory rooms.

Each space comes with a private, attached bathroom and its own delightful porch entrance.
Floors 2-3

Instill Purpose and Destiny

Your generous donation can help construct the vital fourth floor which will provide more housing options for families, rooms for job training, meeting rooms, and counseling.

Floor 4


Your donation will help fund the development of the fifth-floor visitor center and dining area, offering a breathtaking panoramic view of the historic Sea of Galilee. This space will serve as a vibrant hub for meetings, music, and community interaction.
Floor 5


I just made Aliyah, I am a jew who has come home and I needed some help. Some very sweet people directed me to the Aliyah Return Center and these very kind people have been helping me with so many needs as I absorb into the Land.
Terry C
I would like to thank the Aliyah Return Center for all that they do for people who feel alone, people who have nowhere to go. They helped me get clothes, and helped my Aunt with a place to stay, and the complex paperwork.
John R
Thank you so much for the gift card and for your kindness during these uncertain times. We were able to buy much needed groceries during Passover for our family including diapers for our baby. May Hashem continue to bless you and your organization as you asset His children to come home.
A Family from Jerusalem

About the Founder

Chaim Malespin

CoFounder and Chairman of the board of directors at the charities, Aliyah Return Center (ARC) and The Faithful Galileans, registered in Israel as a 501(c)(3)’s. Chaim Malespin is a passionate visionary who strives to educate Christians and lovers of Israel from around the world about the Hebrew roots of the Christian faith, equipping them with the necessary tools to be goodwill ambassadors for israel.

With a vision to eradicate anti-Semitism by building bridges and encouraging Jews and Christians to work together to fulfill God’s plans for Israel and the nations, Chaim focuses his efforts on education, infrastructural development, innovation and Aliyah.


Postal Address: P.O. Box 2288 Tiberias, Israel 1410000

©Aliyah Return Center (ARC) is an Israel based registered non-profit organization, helping Jewish new immigrants establish roots in the land of Israel and thrive. We are a Bible-believing, prophecy-fulfilling, non-proselytizing, ministry built on a foundation of love in uncompromising faith. Learn more here.  

©The Faithful Galileans is a non-profit organization established for lovers of Israel to stay, pray, learn, and serve.  We are located in Galilee North Israel near the Sea of Galilee and operate the VGHOP (Vertical Galilee House Of Prayer) as well as lots of “Bless Israel” activities alongside the local community, and fellow organizations, in hands-on projects to bless the needy of Israel. Learn more here.