“The Faithful Galileans” is a non-profit organization

Established in Israel, in the Galilee of the Nations, near the sea of Galilee, the Faithful Galileans operate a set apart refuge of God’s presence. Come Stay, Pray, Learn and serve. Alongside the Jordan River, at the VGHOP (Vertical Galilee House Of Prayer) Israelis and friends from the nations, maintain worship and prayer shifts, as well as engage in a variety of hands-on service projects to bless the needy in northern Israel. If you have felt God leading you to practically fulfill prophecy and add to your faith action, we might be exactly what you’re looking for.

Partner with us in Prayer! We invite you to come to visit the “Vertical” Galilee House of Prayer or join online. Become a part of the Vertical community of faith, worship, and interceede with wonderful people from all over the world for God’s chosen Land and People.

Yeshua chose His team of disciples and did 29/34 miracles here in Galilee, Make this your prime destination in Israel to experience what God is doing today!  We’ve got beautiful rooms available for booking, where you can enjoy the pastoral views of an Israeli Kibbutz, the great sea of Galilee beach nearby, along the Jordan River, and the Vertical Galilee House of Prayer.

Would you like to learn more about Israel, Aliyah, The Biblical prophecies, the Middle East, and more?

Well, we’ve got you covered. 2 times a year we run a unique discipleship excursion called the “Ambassador Academy” (Shagririm) during which you’ll experience the amazing land of the Bible through local Galilean indigenous eyes, learn God’s word in its original context, explore Aliyah prophecies coming to pass, pray at the Vertical Galilee House of Prayer and serve alongside the community here.  Register for the next life-changing personal hands-on experience today.

The Ambassador Academy

The Ambassador Academy

If you love people and want to bless God’s chosen nation- you are invited to volunteer with us!
We do not provide government-issued Volunteer Visas, but when you visit Israel with your tourist Visa – We will be glad to invite you to apply to join our internship opportunity. in which you may Stay with us, Pray with us, Learn with us, and Serve with us.
If you have booked your lodging with us at one of our locations for your service time here, we will also be glad to provide a discount on your booking bill.