Sharing Important Information With You Here

We are equipping Christians from the nations and other lovers of Israel to be goodwill ambassadors on behalf of Israel.

How can you take part?

As a faith-based organization, we call upon Nations globally, to fulfil their divine role in our joint history, while learning the biblical mandate to help the Jewish people who are returning home. The core of our mandate is to provide a place for the presence of God of Israel, in Galilee, and as such we emphasize prayer through the “Aliyah scriptures” and worship. In the future, worship and teaching may even be live streamed to Christian media to bless Christian all around the world.

Growing The Community Of Faith!

Although the community of faith and this land and throughout the Middle East is not large, we stand up on the promise through the prophet Ezekiel that the current sprinkling will lead to an outpour On all nations and this house of prayer is strategically located on the “Isaiah 19” highway!

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