Our Objectives

We are taking shifts of prayer, worship and intersession.

Ministering to God and breaking the alabaster box of our heart before Him.

Opening the spiritual door for the people of God to come to their Land of promise.

About The Program

The program is planned as shifts of prayer, worship and intersession for 3 hours some of them and some for 1 hour. These shifts are really just ministering to God and breaking the alabaster box and to do that in the Galilee, which is the neighborhood of the Master in the place where the 29 of the 34 Yeshua’s miracles described in the Scriptures happened. And so, we believe that it’s very important to invite not only the local worship teams and fellow prayer houses but also let people from throughout the world come and be able to experience such a wonderful place and to be able to build up a prayer support for the work that is going on.

Time to engage!

And we believe that this is the time right now to engage in it.  As the prophet Amos talks in chapter 9 verses 11, 14 -15 about the tabernacle of David that has fallen down and says that it will be raised up. In verse 14 he says that there are gardens going to be planted but then, in verse 15, he proclaims: “people of the Lord will never more be pulled out of the land that I gave them” – says the Lord.

We are in this together!

So that’s something, we believe, has to do with the Aliyah and has to do with the very time we are in right now. That is why we know we have to put our effort into this together.

Growing The Community Of Faith!

Although the community of faith and this land and throughout the Middle East is not large, we stand up on the promise through the prophet Ezekiel that the current sprinkling will lead to an outpour On all nations and this house of prayer is strategically located on the “Isaiah 19” highway!