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21-Day Fast May 7–28

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Join over 5 million believers praying for Israel for at least one hour a day for 21 days (May 7-28) for God’s redemptive and restorative promises for Jerusalem and Israel.

From: Chaim Malespin Chairman of the Faithful Galileans / Aliyah Return Center, ministering in the Galilee and throughout Israel.

On 1 December 2021 Chaim felt led by God to visit Mike Bickle, along with Dean Bye, of Return Ministries before returning home to Israel.

During the visit, they discussed the mandate by Bob Jones to raise 100 million for Israel, with Mike Bickle. They talked about the prophetic mandate over IHOP in which the former USA president, Harry S.Truman property in Kansas City would be Given to Mike Bickle, and would be a catalyst for raising 100 million intercessors for Israel.

We shared that we believe that it will connected to the development of a property in Galilee, Israel.

On the 1st of December 2021 Chaim Malespin felt led by God to give an ounce of gold to Mike Bickle, which he called Cyrus Aliyah gold. This gesture was seen as a sign of a Cyrus mantle, which was connected to the Truman property and the developing property in Galilee.

Since then, Dean Bye and Return Ministries have moved to Kansas City to work closer with the leadership of the International House of Prayer.

It has been such a blessing to help initiate large tent meetings on the Truman property, in Kansas City in partnership of many organizations throughout United States, Israel and the world.

We are all now working on raising an initial 120,000 catalyst intercessors who will then be the mantle to raise 100 million intercessors for Israel. This will culminate in a 21-day Daniel fast starting on May 7 and ending at the southern steps of the temple mount on May 28. We believe that this will be an inauguration not only for the 100 million intercessors but also for the development of property, both in Kansas City-Truman Land and Galilee, with an increased focus on Jerusalem.

Will you become one of the intercessors for Israel?