Discipleship/Ambassador Journey in Israel

Sunday September 1st – Thursday September 26th, 2024

Apply today and be sent out by your local church or Christian organization to be a forerunner on this Christian ‘birthright-like’ program. The Shagririm Academy is intended to help those who have a heart for God’s purposes for Israel and desire to be effective ambassadors in their nation.




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This journey includes community living on a Kibbutz; daily worship and prayer; practical work; teachings from various speakers and learning on sites where Yeshua (Jesus) taught His disciples and touring highlights of Israel in Galilee, Jerusalem, Samaria & Dead Sea.

During the Shagririm Program, each participating ambassador will not only learn about prophecies intended for the nations to fulfill but will personally experience prophecies foretold by the prophets; as Jesus demonstrated and Apostle Paul exhorted. (Luke 24:44/ Rom 16:25 – 27)

Please note that our programs do not include:

● Flights
● Visa or passport fees
● Travel insurance
● Transportation to and from the airport
● Tips

Feel free to contact us for more information or to schedule a call.

“One cannot bear witness until they have witnessed”

Come and be Ambassadors

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