Our Objectives

Experience Israel’s richness and depth of kingdom purpose, cross the threshold with us in the worship center.

Engage prophetic destiny as you traverse historical sites while meeting heroes of Israel, in the ambassador academy.

The time is now. This is a together story as history unfolds. The faithful Galileans are back for the restoration of all things.

About The Program

At the Aliyah Return Center, you’ll enjoy an ideal vacation not far from the sea of Galilee. As a community, we provide a warm and inviting guest room / double room/suite/ dormitory, with everything you need for perfect relaxation, such as breakfast, toilet, shower, AC, a clean fresh bed, and more. We are conveniently located 25 minutes from downtown Tiberias, 15 minutes from the “Yardenit” tourism site at the Jordan River, the area has some of the most beautiful scenery and grandest agriculture. We invite you to take our seasonal “Destiny Experience Day Tour” to see historical sites, in the “Heartland”, or the “Galilee Experience” Day Tour all around the sea of Galilee.

Feel like a pioneer!

There are plenty of beautiful restaurants nearby in the “Tzemach” Junction shopping mall, as well as a cinema and a petting zoo nearby.
The Beit-Zera Kibbutz is one of the first Kibbutzim in Israel, and when joining us, the nature, the history and the special character of this place, you’ll feel somewhat of a pioneer yourself!

Gorgeous views

Feel the quiet and freedom of nature, and enjoy a gorgeous view, while your body and soul are refreshed.

Stay At One Of Our Locations

We offer a place to stay in our International Building, Return Membership Suite, Vertical House of Prayer Guesthouse, located in our Head Quarters by Kibbutz Beit Zera. Additionally, we have another Guesthouse called Upper Room, and our Kingdom Envoy Villa, which are located in Tiberias. Your stay will help fund new immigrant families returning to Israel.